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New modern design illuminated paintings collection WOODEN MATRIX 2012.
The product is constructed by using specifically crafted little wooden cubes (dimensions: 2,5x2,5x1,7 cm).
One creation usually consists from around 600 to 2000 units of wooden cubes.
The works of art can be seen differently according to spatial lightning and the position of the observer. When observed from a close distance an abstract picture can be seen, if viewed from  a more distant point the painting motif becomes apparant. Because the paintings are illuminated, in a darker place the wooden cubes give a static lightning effect.
During the creation of this product we are using Menuleja copyrighted photography.
Wooden details are colored by hand, using environmentally friendly acrylic lacquer.
Parts are attached on to the light conductible highest quality colored acrylic glass PLEXIGLAS, which allows for the installed image to spread from inside to outside by using LED lightning.
WOODEN MATRIX collection consists of: large hanging paintings – illuminators.
134cm x 93cm
1350 (wood cubes)
126cm x 77cm
1008 (wood cubes)
123cm x 96cm
1271 (wood cubes)
standing rectangular illuminator 164cm x 36cm
1872 (wood cubes)
2 hanging illuminators 80cm x 42cm (x2)
312x2=624  (wood cubes) 


  • This collection has won a public contest and participated at "Design Week - 2012" a widely known and recognized annual design event starting from May 5 to May 14. The best design works are presented during the event. (Vilnius, Lithuania)

  • WOODEN MATRIX collection has been selected to participate in the international contemporary art exhibition ElanDart 2012. The exhibition will be held in 2012 10 27/29 days, the culture center of Corum. Montpellier, France.

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  •  On 4-17th of December, 2012 "WOODEN MATRIX" collection was presented in art gallery "Talbot", Montpellier, France.