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Original paintings collection ENTRANCE & EXIT

„Entrance & Exit” -authors Giedre (Menuleja) and Lidija Kacinskiene
Currently there is a total of 37 painting works in the collection „Entrance & Exit”. It is a result of a consistent partnership and exchange of accumulated experience between the authors. The dominant abstract theme found in paintings is no coincidence, it was specifically chosen because it enables a dialogue between the painting and the observer. The focus is placed on different colors, textures, expression of forms in order to achieve a harmonic and complete form of painting work. The works are modern, original, dominant abstract, conceptual expression and original painting technique. All the paintings are exclusive and have copyrights.
  •  2010-exhibition at “Vilniaus verslo uostas” - a business centre, located in the heart of the capital (Lithuania).
  • A charity campaign at “Antavili┼│ retirement home”.
  • In cooperation with National Blood donation centre and Vilnius Business Centre contributed to an event –  “Blood for children” (an event meant to attract awareness and help children with illnesses).
  • 2011-exhibition in gallery “Artopitek” (Montpellier, France).


author Giedre (Menuleja)


author  Lidija Kacinskiene


A big part of authors paintings from the collection “Entrance & Exit” are now to be found in various business offices, public institutions and in the hands of private individuals in Lithuania, France and England.