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"all about 99" creative- meditative project

    authors Giedre (Menuleja) and Lidija Kacinskiene
"all about 99" is a meditative project with a duration of 81 days. During this period, will be created 99 Mandalas, will be authors synchronization, focusing on creativity and harmony, the journey into the depths of consciousness and unconsciousness.
Mandala (sanskrit language – wheel, disk, sphere, circle, etc..) – it is a universal symbol of the structure of the universe – human consciousness, cosmic processes, galactic cycle and all living creatures in the principle of life. Mandala is a symbolic expression of the center, essence, a power source, which from ancient times had been used practically by people and found in most cultures thus far.
The process through Mandala meditation expands human consciousness and self-perception of the world, harmonizes and enhances creativity.   "all about 99" project has its own system, rhythm, discipline and is based on numerology.
The cycle is based on the number 9 - the highest single digit in decimal number system, 99 - the biggest two-digit number in centesimal system.
Number 9 is a unique interaction with other numbers and get back to them.
9+9=18 (1+8=9), 9+9+9=27 (2+7=9) 9x9=81 (8+1=9).
18 - 81 and 81 - 18
In these positions numbers are a mirror image of each other. Just as a man inside reflects his outside so the outside reflects his inner world.  
This is the amount of Mandala created during 81 days period.
Lidia = 27 mandalas ; Menuleja = 72 mandalas  
Menuleja = 72 mandalas 


Lidia = 27 mandalas