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New modern design illuminated paintings collection WOODEN MATRIX 2012. This collection has won a public contest and participated at "Design Week - 2012" a widely known and recognized annual design event starting from May 5 to May 14. The best design works are presented during the event. (Vilnius, Lithuania). The product is constructed by using specifically crafted little wooden cubes (dimensions: 2, 5x2, 5x2 cm). One creation usually consists from around 1000 to 2000 units of wooden cubes. The works of art can be seen differently according to spatial more
    Original paintings collection "Entrance & Exit"
Currently there is a total of 42 painting works in the collection „Entrance & Exit”. It is a result of a consistent partnership and exchange of accumulated experience between the authors. The dominant abstract theme found in paintings is no coincidence, it was specifically chosen because it enables a dialogue between the painting and the observer. The focus is placed on different colors, textures, expression of forms in order to achieve a harmonic and more  
    "all about 99"
 "all about 99" is a meditative project with a duration of 81 days. During this period, will be created 99 Mandalas, will be „ART in DUO“ synchronization, focusing on creativity and harmony, the journey into the depths of consciousness and unconsciousness. Mandala (sanskrit language – wheel, disk, sphere, circle, etc..) – it is a universal symbol of the structure of the universe – human consciousness, cosmic processes, galactic cycle and all living creatures in the principle more