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Select an item or several items in site.

 Click on "add to cart"


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You can continue the purchase process, select more items and add to cart Start ordering/purchasing process


Ordering/purchasing process can be started by clicking on "My Cart"  

        Ordering steps

1. Reviewing shopping cart, if you change your mind you can remove the item from the cart (click "delete") and continue the ordering process by pressing on the "next" button.

2. Customer information. Correctly enter your information that, if necessary, we could contact you via e-mail or phone.

3. Information for items shipment. Enter the correct address for delivery and, if necessary, in the "Additional Information" box, type any comments or requests regarding delivery. If you did not find your country in the delivery list, please contact us.  

 4. Method of payment.

 Paypal – purchase internationally using virtual money or credit card.

5. Approving the order step.

Check if everything is filled in correctly, if you need to make changes you can do that by clicking on "change" located to each block.

 If everything is filled in correctly, click on "Checkout".
Wait a bit until the data transfer process is carried out in PayPal.



Note: If your shopping basket is formed in Lithuanian currency (litas), PayPal will automatically recalculate it into Euros.

If you already have a virtual account in PayPal system ("Have a PayPal account?"), then simply enter the login (if you have forgotten your password you can use the reminder function) next to it and in the next step  confirm your order. After the approval, PayPal system will open a successful payment notification and offer to return to site, or you can simply close the browser. The purchase process is completed.



If you do not have a virtual account in PayPal system ("Don’t have a PayPal account?"), you can pay by credit card. Enter the credit card details (card number, card expiration date, CSC - Credit card security code (3 last digits on the cards back, near the signature), specify the exact name and surname that are indicated on the credit card and add your own contact information.
After filling the data correctly, PayPal system will ask you to confirm the information once again. After your confirmation you will receive notification of successful payment.
The purchase process is completed.

End of the purchasing step in PayPal system.

 Upon receiving payment, we pack and send items to your specified address.